Hewlett Packard Silicon Valley Radio Club
Cupertino, CA USA       (Stats)

HPSVRC is an ARRL-affiliated radio club, serving the interests of licensed amateurs in the Santa Clara Valley ("Silicon Valley") and also local employees of Hewlett Packard Company interested in getting their FCC amateur radio licenses and operating as amateurs.

We maintain a UHF Repeater (442.000MHz, PL=100Hz) that is open for use by the community; members gain access to the codes allowing the Repeater to be used for autopatch and other functions. Our Shack in HP's Building [being relocated this summer] has a full range of HF (TS-430), UHF, and VHF equipment and modes, including Packet Radio, 6- and 2-meter weak-signal, VHF/UHF FM, and world-band HF (with our Mosley PRO-57A antenna at 60' over Cupertino).

We meet monthly (first Tuesday of each month) in Cupertino, near Vallco Park at Fwy 280 and Wolfe Road, at noon (bring your own lunch!) -- members and guests are welcome. We will post a new map soon.
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