Tandem Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC) --
Subscribing/Signing-off to our ListServ Email Service

All Hams and interested individuals are invited to SUBSCRIBE to our ListServ email distribution List. We in TRAC use this list to circulate information about events, gear for sale, etc; any member can "post" to the full list, so we also use it for discussions of issues and proposals that affect TRAC or the amateur community.

Some of the guidelines:

Who can join?
Any individual with an email address can join.

What information do I provide?
We ask for your first and last names, so that the list administrators can figure out who you are in case your email address is too cryptic.

What is the TRAC policy on privacy?
We use your name and email address only for administrative purposes. We will not sell or give this list to any individual or organization.

Who controls subscribing and signing-off?
YOU do. You are free to subscribe at any time -- and to signoff when the purposes of the list and its messages no longer serve your interests. You can also remain on the list, but in a "quiet" mode -- see the options below.

What sorts of things should I post to the list?
Primarily announcements about TRAC, it's meetings and repeater, and Ham radio within the Tandem Division, but also information about radio in Cupertino and the Silicon Valley.

What shouldn't I post?
Most of our ListServ subscribers are busy people and are not interested in group debates on issues or causes. Avoid being flamed by being discrete in what information you post. Remember: this is NOT a moderated list.

Should I add the TRAC ListServ address to my Club's mailing list?
We prefer that you don't. You are welcome to send your own message to our list pointing out that TRAC list members might want to become a member of your Club for specific reasons, or pointing out your Club's website.

Can I be kicked off the list?
Let's put it this way: the administrators can add and remove email addresses from the list, if necessary.

To send a message to our TRAC list (once you're a member), place this email address in the TO: field of your email message:

Maintaining the List

You will provide your own subscribe/signoff services and can join and leave when desired. To update the list, send an email message to: ...with the following choices in the BODY (not Subject:) of the message (don't type the brackets). Please remember NOT to send your maintenance commands to the whole TRAC distribution list (shown in the previous Section).

subscribe trac {full name}
Subscribe yourself to our list with the name {full name}

signoff trac
Signoff from our list (matches up your email address to the same one on our ListServ).

to get HELP:
Obtains a list of commands, including how to set your options for concealing, mail receipt, copying messages back to you, header styles.

So, SUBSCRIBE to our TRAC distribution list to hear about our local activities and participate with us in amateur radio in the Santa Clara Valley!
TRAC || Paul KM6LH || email to Mailto: paul.wesling@compaq.com || October 1, 1998