Tandem Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC)

ARRL's Field Day Event, June 1994

Field Day is a 24-hour exercise (not really a contest) where radio clubs and individuals set up emergency-type stations and use them to contact other stations across the nation. The purpose is to train the club members in the steps needed to respond to a real emergency, where loss of electrical power and facilities mandate quickly setting up radio stations in field-type locations to give assistance to local relief agencies and to relay messages out of a disaster area to other parts of the country. TRAC wants to be in a position to provide this service to our local community and to the Tandem family.

One reason for selecting the Cupertino Village shopping center as our operating location this year was to be able to demonstrate amateur radio to the community. We posted signs at some of the local stores and passed out flyers describing what we were doing and letting people know the value of amateur radio during emergencies. People could watch as we logged new stations, and several asked for our information on getting their own licenses. We limited our operation to Saturday morning and afternoon, breaking down in the early evening to make way for a car show scheduled for Sunday morning.

The HF Station As Ed (KD6UBY) looks on, Patty (N6BIS) logs another contact on 10 meters as Barry (N5NWI) from Tandem-Austin stands by. The station was in a grassy area within the courtyards of Cupertino Village, and we installed awnings above to shade us from the warm sun. Barry also made several contacts on 2-M SSB.

Reassembling the Beam Another shot of the HF SSB (voice) operating position.

One really nice thing about Field Day -- it's for EVERYbody! You don't need to be some super operator; all Club members (and guests) are welcome to take a turn at the mike or key. It's a good chance to try a mode or band that you wouldn't normally operate on.

Checking it out Here's the HF CW (Morse code) station, set up 100 feet from the SSB station. Frank (N7FF) brought his TS-440, keyer, and paddle and operated into an R-7 vertical strapped to the arbor covering the walkways at the Village. He made the bulk of the contacts for our Field Day operation. Jay (AC6OW) looks on.

Boy Scouts The Boy Scouts from Paul's Troop 566 joined us, setting up a demonstration of food and supplies that each family should stock for the next big earthquake (or other emergency).

Boy Scouts Many shoppers stopped by to look at the types of foods, jugs of water, and first aid supplies that are suggested. Flyers from the Red Cross about planning, checklists, and other literature were distributed. The Scouts also got a chance to talk on our SSB rigs.

Boy Scouts Located in a shady spot, the literature table of the Scouts of Troop 566 was an attractive display, with their Troop flag waving nearby. This was a good accompaniment to our Field Day.

The 1995 TRAC effort was headed by Ed Legault (KD6UBY), staffed and assisted by another half dozen Club members. In addition to those in the photos below, we had a 20' tower and tribander and a recalcitrant generator loaned by Ted Park (K6XN), and an emergency preparedness display set up by Paul Wesling (KM6LH) and his Boy Scout Troop.

We have a few more photos that'll be posted to this Page soon, showing the Boy Scout demonstration, our Packet Radio station, and a few other goodies.

Field Day is always the third/fourth (?) full weekend of June; that puts it on June (22-23?) in 1996. See ya all there!!

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