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Tandem Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC) --
Membership Application/Renewal form

About 80% of TRAC members are Hewlett Packard Company employees (makes sense), but we welcome non-employees (whom we call "associates" below). For Associates, we have an additional step: you must be known and recommended to TRAC by a TRAC member (someone who can vouch for you and provide an interface to you). This is usually pretty simple: someone you've "met" on the repeater, or know through Scouts, ARES, or some other organization. We ask the TRAC member to write a brief summary of you and your Ham radio interests; then we bring it up for a formal vote at one of our monthly meetings.
We keep in touch via email, so it helps a lot if you can give us an email address below.

We encourage all radio amateurs to support TRAC by becoming dues-paying members. The membership year runs from November 1st thru October 31st. For more info, contact TRAC President Chris Horrocks


___ No, I'm not going to join, but I definitely want to be/stay on the DL for TRAC; I've filled out the info in the top portion of the form below.

___ YES!! Sign me up for a year of fun and sport!
Everybody please fill out this part (as applicable), to be sure we have it right in our records:

Call: ________________ (if a Ham) Name: ____________________
Member category: ___HP/Empl;    ___ Associate Dues through October 31, 200__
Class of FCC License held: ___________________
An ARRL member? ___Yes ___No
Want a License Upgrade Course?
___Y ___N
Office Phone: ________________________ (optional)
Home Phone: ________________
Mailing address: _________________________________

. . ______________________________

E-mail address:________________
Employee No: ________________ (for HP)
Most of the rest is optional, but if you fill it in we'll keep it on file
Packet: 'Home' BBS Node:
Home TCP/IP Node Addr (eg, n6nnn):
TCP/IP address:
BBS that you provide from your home station:
Node Keyboard SSID (eg, -0):
Node PBBS SSID (eg, -1):
Freq (eg, 145.03):
Repeaters monitored (besides W6TDM):
INTERESTS, in alphabetical order: (indicate: I=Interest; N=Novice; W=Working level; E=Expert) Indicate those you're interested in by putting the proper letter in front:
__ 6 M; __ 2 M; __ 220 MHz; __ 440 MHz __ PC/Windows; __ Public Official
__ 1.2 GHz; __ AMTOR; __ Antennas __ Public safety officer; __ QRP
__ ARES; __ ARRL officer; __ ARRL service __ RACES; __Red Cross; __ RTTY
__ ATV; __ CDF/VIP; __ Coast Guard Aux. __ Satellite; __ Search & Rescue
__ Contesting: __ CW; __ Dog rescue/handler __ SPECS; __ SSB; __ SVECS
__ DXing __ Elmer'ing; __ FM; __ HF __ TCP/IP; __ Teaching Classes
__ High-speed Packet __ Homebrew/constr __ TVI/RFI; __ UHF; __ UNIX
__ Mac OS; __ MARS; __ Microwave __ Upgrading; __ VHF
__ NTS; __ OSCAR; __ Packet ..

I wish to support the TRAC program, activities, and equipment by becoming a member. My annual dues are attached. (See fine print, below.) HP Employee
Associate Member
(Note 4)
Regular Annual Dues: $15 $30
Or, special alternate rate, if my WORK-site is more than 20 miles from a TRAC Station (Cupertino) or: ( $5 ) --
==============>>> AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $ _____________
Other Hams in my family, living at the same address
(covered under my privileges -- no extra charge):


Ken Check, CAC05-52 (by interoffice mail) or mail to him at
Hewlett Packard Co, NonStop Enterprise Div.
10300 Tantau Avenue, M/S CAC05-52
Cupertino CA 95014
Now for the fine print:
  1. Membership is effective through Oct 31st each year; there is no provision for partial-year dues. Join early!!
  2. Dues are used for equipment purchase and upgrade, and for books, study guides, videotapes, and other items that are of use as shared resources for the membership. We also belong (and pay dues) to NARCC.
  3. Everyone is welcome to use the 440.150 repeater. However, only those members who sign up for the extra fee will be given autodial slots.
  4. As required in our Club Bylaws, new Associate Members need to be sponsored by an existing Member, and accepted by a majority vote at a regular meeting. This normally involves the sponsoring member preparing a brief background-and-interests sketch, to introduce the Associate, and it provides a reference and communication path to the Associate.
  5. Past repeater members who do not renew by Dec. 31st will relinquish their autodial slots, which become available to other members.
  6. It's not on this form, but we also keep track of those Members who've been checked out on operation of the TRAC station; if you haven't received instruction, and would like to get it, contact _________ for an appointment (he'll need a copy of your license). Then you will get CardKey access to the Station in Building CAC07.

(Treasurer: enter into dlists & send Repeater Guide to new member/associate.)
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