Paul Wesling -- KM6LH

[ PHOTOGRAPH ] Paul Wesling received his BS in electrical engineering and his MS in materials science from Stanford University. Following assignments at GTE/Lenkurt Electric (component engineering), ISS/Sperry Univac (bubble memory development, reliability, manufacturing engineering), Datapoint Peripheral Products (VP - Product Integrity), and Amdahl (design analysis, mainframe testing, console peripherals), he joined Tandem in 1985. As a member of the development team for advanced IC packaging, he designed several multi-chip module prototypes, supervised their fabrication, and tested them. In Tandem's Education Group since 1993, he has developed the Reliability Concepts course, managed the NSA Distinguished Lectures series, and is on TEG's Technology Initiative team. He organizes a number of advanced technology and professional skills development courses for Tandem developers, and maintains the R&D Education Web page, Tandem's Windows NT site, and TEG's external Web pages.

Paul has published a number of technical papers and authored a book chapter. He serves as vice president of publications for one of IEEE's Societies, where he supervises four archival journals, a newsletter, and a magazine, and oversees authors for IEEE Press books. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, and received the IEEE Centennial Medal, the Board Distinguished Service award, and the Society Contribution Award. He has organized over 120 courses for the local IEEE chapter, many of them held at Stanford (and, more recently, at Tandem's facilities). He is also scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout Troop, and enjoys backpacking, fly fishing, and amateur radio (he served 2 years as vice-president of TRAC, followed by 2 years as president). He was selected as a community hero to be a torch carrier in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Torch Relay; he ran half a kilometer on May 3rd in downtown San Jose.

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